Power Morphicon News Roundup

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The 5th bi-annual Power Morphicon is being held this weekend, August 12-14th, in Pasadena, California. Here’s a list of the news shared from the convention.

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Nick.com Promotes Dino Super Charge

Now that Dino Super Charge has been announced to be premiering January 30th 2015, it was a waiting game for Nick.com to change the layout to indicate the new season. And now it has! You can view all the changes here: http://www.nick.com/power-rangers-dino-charge/ New trailer via IGN: Overall changes: the banner on the left side has been changed to reflect Dino Super Charge and Ivan, Kendall, … Continue reading Nick.com Promotes Dino Super Charge

[PRESS RELEASE] Dino Super Charge Premieres And Ninja Steel Announced

Source: BusinessWire LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE) Saban Brands and Nickelodeon today announced that Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, the 23rd season of the iconic, long-standing franchise, will premiere on Saturday, Jan. 30, at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon in the U.S. In this new season, the Rangers must continue their quest to unite all 10 Energems by tapping into brand-new battle gear, Zords and Megazords to … Continue reading [PRESS RELEASE] Dino Super Charge Premieres And Ninja Steel Announced

Dino Super Charge Premieres January 30th, 2016 at 12pm

Source: Rocky505 on Rangerboard, Bryan’s TV Looks like we’re not going to have too long of a wait for the next season of Power Rangers. As of now, it’s looking like season 23 of the Power Rangers franchise, Dino Super Charge, is going to premiere Saturday, January 30th, 2016 at 12pm. This news came from Bryan’s TV, formerly known as Nick&More. Like in the past, … Continue reading Dino Super Charge Premieres January 30th, 2016 at 12pm

Film NZ’s Behind the Scenes Images of NZ-Set Dino Charge Episodes

In the wake of the press release making rounds in New Zealand regarding two episodes of Power Rangers Dino Charge, having two episodes set in New Zealand (episodes 17, “World Famous! (In New Zealand)” and “Deep Down Under”), Film NZ’s Power Rangers showcase page has added a new section showcasing a few behind the scenes images from filming of those two episodes.

The most recent episodes’ adventures centre on a visit to the home country of the Black Power Ranger, Kiwi Chase Randall (played by New Zealand actor James Davies). Recognisable landmarks include Auckland’s Sky Tower, Piha and Takapuna beaches, and a dolphin sighting from the Waiheke Ferry. (Source)

While explaining that Dino Charge is the 10th Power Rangers season to be filmed in New Zealand, and giving a list of just a few of the kiwi actors and crew members working on the show, the press release goes on to explain just how important the New Zealand landscape is to Power Rangers from executive producer, Judd “Chip” Lynn as he explains:

that the diversity of locations Auckland has to offer is another big plus. “We don’t just need cityscapes for Power Rangers, we need forests, volcanoes, hills, beaches – things that aren’t always easy to find near an LA studio.”

However, despite filming in New Zealand for 12 years, it’s been the first time the show has acknowledged New Zealanda and a few of it’s landmarks:

Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, which has supported the production through its Screen Auckland team, says having the Power Rangers’ production based in Auckland for more than a decade has provided a major boost to the region’s global reputation for fast turnaround TV expertise.

“Saban’s Power Rangers has provided great career development opportunities for Auckland crew through the years, boosting their level of expertise and helping Auckland land other important international productions.”

“It is fantastic to have Power Rangers Dino Charge actively featuring Auckland in the season’s storyline and showcasing our beautiful city to fans around the world.”

Below are a few filming photos from the two episodes in production showcased on Film NZ’s website and Facebook page. While the first season of Dino Charge is coming to an end in the United States, fans still have the second season, Dino Super Charge, airing in early 2016, to get another look at the New Zealand landscape.

Images after the jump.

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Dino Super Charge Weekend at the Nick Hotel

Source: Nick Hotel “Get ready for a Super Charged adventure” Start putting in your guesses for when Dino Super Charge will start airing in 2016. The next Power Rangers weekend at the Nick Hotel is February 13- 15, 2016! The Dino Super Charge weekend showcases many activities for kids including: Meet & Greet opportunities – Join the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge for a Meet & … Continue reading Dino Super Charge Weekend at the Nick Hotel

Film New Zealand Interview with Judd “Chip” Lynn

Interview with Executive Producer Judd ‘Chip’ Lynn Find out what Executive Producer, Judd ‘Chip’ Lynn thinks about living and working in New Zealand. In this quick interview, Judd “Chip” Lynn sits down in the Dino Lab underneath the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum for an interview. He discusses the move from California to Los Angeles, having a kiwi character, what stands out about New Zealand, and more. … Continue reading Film New Zealand Interview with Judd “Chip” Lynn

Saban Brands/Power Rangers at MIPJunior, MIPCOM, NYCC, and BLE

This October, Saban Brands has many opportunities in the first two weeks to attend to not only promote their kids’ brands portfolio but to see what other brands have in their portfolios. Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, Julius Jr, and Glitter Force are some of the many things that Saban Brands is promoting at this event.

Stay tuned for updates!

Events in October:

  • MIPJunior: October 3-4 – Page One
  • MIPCOM: October 5-8 – Page Two
  • New York Comic Con: October 8-11 – Page Three
  • Brand Licensing Europe: October 13-15 – Page Four

Updated: 10/14/15 – Saban Brands (under BLE page)

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New Dino Charge Cast Member – Tyler’s Dad – Reuben Turner

IMDB: Profile | Odd Talent Management: Profile | Official Site: Website Name: Reuben Turner Role: James Navarro, Aqua Ranger (source) March 5, 2015: Found out that Reuben Turner was listed as a core cast member for Dino Charge August 10, 2015: Rankal (Tokunation) suggested Reuben playing Tyler’s dad September 17, 2015: Confirmation that Reuben plays Tyler’s dad due to French airing of “Wishing For a … Continue reading New Dino Charge Cast Member – Tyler’s Dad – Reuben Turner