Welcome to The Power Scoop

The Power Scoop is the blog aiming to keep Power Rangers fans updated with news and information regarding all things behind the scenes of Power Rangers to expand your knowledge and understanding of just how much comes together to create your favorite show.

While other fans collect merchandise from the show, “collecting” information about behind the scenes of the show’s production, and presenting it all in one place, is the objective of The Power Scoop. 

This includes:

  • Casting Calls
  • Auditions
  • Filming Pictures
  • Official Press Releases
  • and more topics of interest

These areas of information are monitored to bring fans the most up to date information on the Power Rangers seasons currently in production, and to bring information and images some may not have seen before for past seasons.

Created in the early fall of 2013, while Power Rangers Megaforce was airing, “The Power Scoop” was made with the goal to be a place to store all of the information regarding anything behind the scenes during the production of the season. Initially, everything was posted to social media (mainly twitter), and the Power Rangers forums: Rangerboard, TokuNation, and RangerCrew. Information is approached in a way to bring the facts straight to the fans, not to give an opinion on the information.

To the best of ability, link backs and sources are available in each post for further exploration by fans.

Please note: At times the site will be slow on news. This is due to focusing on the active production process of the show. Production usually occurs between September-December and January-May; not including pre-production and post-production. While the show is on it’s hiatuses news slows significantly. There also may be a slow down between when bits and pieces of info is shared online.

Corrections: Corrections and updates to past posts are corrected as quickly as possible. A note of the date of the correction and a short explanation of what was changed or updated will be posted at the top, or bottom, of an article.

Broken Images: If you go back far enough and find posts with broken images, I want you know that I apologize for it, and have since far moved away from simply copy/paste images into said posts.

Spoilers: Due to the content collected here on this site, there will be spoilers posted on the site. A note of spoilers will be posted within the excerpt of an article, and at the top of an article. Sometimes it may be in the body pertaining to the information. What is or is not a spoiler is different for everybody. Thus, it is your choice whether or not to continue reading an article that has a spoiler alert.

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