Welcome to The Power Scoop

The Power Scoop is the blog aiming to keep Power Rangers fans updated with news and information regarding the audition process, filming photos, and other behind the scenes tidbits of upcoming Power Rangers seasons, as well as other information regarding Hasbro.

The Power Scoop keeps up with the behind the scenes information to remind casual and hard-core Power Rangers fans alike that so many people, including the 5/6 core actors, work hard within so many different departments and aspects of production to bring the show they love to life.

This includes:

  • Casting Calls
  • Auditions
  • Filming Pictures
  • Official Press Releases
  • and more

Please note that at times the site will be slow on news. This is due to focusing on the active production process of the show. Production usually occurs between September-December and January-May; not including pre-production and post-production. While the show is on it’s hiatuses news slows significantly.

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