Michael Hurst to Direct Six Episodes of Cosmic Fury

Source: Michael Hurst / MichaelHurstNow

12/9/22 EDIT – Hurst directed his episodes from October to early December

News initially dropped about Michael Hurst’s involvement with Power Rangers Cosmic Fury back in early October. With the understanding that the 30th season of the franchise would only be 10 episodes long, and knowing the prior filming schedules being that production on two to three episodes occur during one block of filming, the question of how many episodes of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury would any one director be responsible for quickly arose.

At first, with the announcement of Hurst returning to the franchise, fans thought that Hurst would direct all 10 episodes. This was quickly proven to not be the case as word that Charlie Haskell, a veteran director in the world of Power Rangers, would also be returning to direct in the season. We now have confirmation that Hurst will direct six out of the 10 episodes of the season – with his episodes being filmed through October and November.

Hurst had his directorial debut with the franchise during Power Rangers Dino Fury. While it was initially reported here that he would direct three episodes of season 28, he went on to direct a total of six episodes across Dino Fury’s first season:

Superstition Strikes 28×06
Stego Search 28×07
Unexpected Guest 28×08

The Makeover 28×19
Waking Nightmares 28×20
Void Trap 28×21

Hurst has had prior experience working on Power Rangers as he voiced the character “Vexacus” in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, “DJ Drummond” in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and “Silverhead” in Power Rangers SPD. In addition to directing during production of Power Rangers Dino Fury, Hurst also voiced the “Nibyru Guardian,” in Dino Fury’s episode “Waking Nightmares.” There’s no word at the moment if he will also pull double duty in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.

Hurst was a part of the group of new directors to the world of Power Rangers with Power Rangers Dino Fury; the others being Chris Graham, Robyn Grace, and Caroline Bell-Booth. There is no word at this time if any of those directors will return for Cosmic Fury with the smaller episode count.

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