Morph Sequence Teased for Power Rangers 30th Season; Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

As we move into the summer and fall, and wait for news on when the second half of Power Rangers Dino Fury’s second season to hit Netflix, fans are getting anxious for more news about the upcoming 30th season of the Power Rangers franchise.

It was first announced by MegaPowerBrasil back in February that a 30th season was in development with production of the series to continue to take place in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Some key tidbits from their article included: 

  • Filming will take place for 5 to 6 weeks
  • Iris Hampton continues her role as the casting agent for the series 
  • Select talent would be contracted to work until January of 2023 
  • Filming would be set to take place in August/September 

To note, in the past it’s been known that about three episodes are filmed a week (with longer time taken for post-production work including editing, sound mixing, special effects, etc). With the 5-6 weeks planned for this season, around 12 episodes could be produced; 15 for a more “round” number. There is no word on episode count at this point.

Since then, fans have been curious to know not only what this means for a 30th anniversary season – a miniseries? It is a vastly shorter production time than a usual season where cast have worked in Auckland, New Zealand for about nine months out of the year. They’ve also been curious to know which Sentai will be adapted, and what the name of the new season will be. While we still do not have any knowledge of which Sentai will be adapted, the 30th season of Power Rangers, set to air sometime in 2023, is being known at this point as

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. 

Whether this will be the official name for the season is still up in the air. The names to Power Rangers seasons can be changed at any point during production for any reason. For example, executive producer and show runner Simon Bennett, explained that Power Rangers Dino Fury originally had a different name: Power Rangers Dino Knights. While some fans guessed that this may be the name of the season, or just simply wanted it to be the name if they were to adapt the Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger season (which Power Rangers Dino Fury does use), they weren’t aware of how close they had become to being correct: 

Bennett, who took over the role of show runner of Power Rangers from Chip “Judd” Lynn, went on to further explain that he knew that Ryusoulger would be used to create Dino Fury around April 2019 when he took on the job – though fans didn’t come to find out the changing in staff until between November 2019 and January 2020.  Power Rangers Dino Fury was the first full sesaon that Bennett produced, though he had past experience with the franchise as he directed the episodes “My Friend Redbot,” “The Royal Rival,” “The Royal Rumble,” and “Dimensions in Danger” from Power Rangers Ninja Steel; and “Beasts Unleashed,” “Target Tower,” and the Beast Morphers season one finale, “Evox: Upgraded.”

In another bit of news today, Alpha Action Stunts – the team behind the 2nd Unit suited Ranger stunts – gave us a brief glimpse at what’s in store for the 30th season in the form of the morph. Alpha Action Stunts took to their social media accounts and shared tidbits to the morphing sequence for the next season. The tweet and Instagram stories have since been deleted, but fans were quick and snagged screen shots of what we could expect: 

They also revealed that in a month and a half, filming for the 30th Power Rangers season will kick off. To some capacity, as pre-production began months ago (arguably around March or April), the Power Rangers Productions team started working on this new season on Monday, June 20th, 2022.

MegaPowerBrasil also got a little bit more info on what was written on these sheets: “In possession of Ryu (Dragon) they transform.” You can read the full translated quote below:

In addition, below the first document shown in the video we have the following sentence: “In possession of Ryu (Dragon) they transform” , or something similar, since it was not possible to understand exactly what was written due to the stuntman’s handwriting. The term “Ryu” is associated with Dragons, but within the context of Tokusatsu series there is also the association with Dinosaurs. (We will update this story as new information becomes available.)


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