Kira Josephson, Cast as the Voice of “Tombrtress,” in Dino Fury

It’s always cool to see Power Rangers actors pulling “double duty” on their respective seasons. Whether that means portraying playing two characters that look alike; much like Davi Santos did in his season Power Rangers Dino Charge; or when an actor is given the ability to do their own stunts in a scene. Power Rangers Dino Fury was no exception to this moment

Kira Josephson, who already appears in the show as a series regular, “Jane Fairview,” the head of the in-universe BuzzFeed-like social media giant, “BuzzBlast,” also voiced a Sporix Beast in the 11th episode, “McScary Manor.” She and Cosme Flores, who played the Rangers’ ally Ben Burke, and voiced and voiced the monster, “Vacuutron;” are the only two actors in the “Hasbro Era” to do this.

In “McScary Manor,” Josephson voiced the monster, “Tombtress” – an Egyptian inspired monster that takes on the looks of the pyramids and mummies, and who is very confident in her abilities, shown by her taunting the Pink Ranger, Amelia (portrayed by Hunter Deno) after trapping her in bandages.

Check out a short video Kira shared voicing the character, and posing with the costume. And then watch the preview clip of the episode to see how it all works together:

Dino Fury, Season 1, Episode 11: “McScary Manor” – Netflix

Amelia hunts for ghosts at a creepy mansion, but there’s no supernatural sighting, only a fierce face-off with pyramid-shaped Tombtress.

BONUS: Josephson’s Stunt Work

Josephson is an American actress, living and working in New Zealand after receiving her BFA in Theatre moving across the world in 2016. In New Zealand, she is represented by Kathryn Rawlings & Associates.

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