Steven Lyons, Cast as the Voice of “Doomsnake” in Dino Fury

While “Doomsnake” didn’t get a whole lot of screen time in the mid-season finale of Power Rangers Dino Fury, many fans were anxious to know who would voice the character after the monster was revealed in a Battle Attackers 2-pack toy facing off against the Red Ranger. Will he somehow be revived to be featured in an episode later on down the line? Who knows, but Lyons did jump into his voice acting foray with the role.

Lyons, of Karen Kay Management, knows how to throw his voice around, so to speak, as a comedian. He has appeared in a guest role on “Shortland Street,” as well as “performed comedy around the globe and likes to makes hilarious hugs for your ears with his absurd yet empathetic word play and views on life.”

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You can also hear his voice reel at his actors’ page. Head on over to his comedy Facebook page to see what he’s currently up to in New Zealand.

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