Guy Langford, Cast as the Voice of “Wolfgang” in Dino Fury

It’s always nice to know when we’ve got new talent working behind the scenes of Power Rangers whether that’s in the writing room, or as part of the New Zealand vocal talent lending thier voice to the monster’s the Rangers face off against in each episode. In this case, it’s both.

Langford is a new membe to the Power Rangers Dino Fury writing staff, and also new to the world of voice acting. While having a background in acting, he is represented by Auckland Actors, in the mid-season finale, “Unexpected Guest” – which also featured the return of fan favorite actor Kelson Henderson as his Power Rangers Ninja Steel role, “Mick Kanick” – Langford voiced the howling monster, “Wolfgang.”

With a single howl, “Wolfgang” can dismantle whatever he sets his sights on, including the Dino Fury Rangers’s Megazords!

Langford is a staff writer for the series, but also wrote the teleplay for the seventh episode of the first season, “Stego Search.”

He’s also written episodes for the New Zealand soap, Shortland Street – a television series in which Power Rangers executive producer/showrunner Simon Bennett has also directed episodes for. Langford also appeared in “Shortland Street – The Musical,” a theatrical event which Bennett directed.

You can learn more about Langford and his experience in the entertainment industry at his official website.

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