RETRACTION: Jason Smith Not in Dino Fury

Hello Readers;

This weekend, the fifth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury, entitled “Winning Attitude,” aired on Nickelodeon. As with every episode after airing, I take to this blog to post who the voice actor for the MOTD (monster of the day) was. Today was no exception. In this episode, “Brineblast,” was credited as being voiced by Jason Smith.

I took the credit to refer to Jason Smith, as many fans know, portrayed Casey Rhodes / Red Jungle Fury Ranger in 2008 in Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Subsequently, I wrote and published an article detailing Smith’s work over the course of the Power Rangers franchise – this article was entitled and shared through social media as “Jason Smith, Cast as the voice of ‘Brineblast’ in Dino Fury.”

Recently, it has come to my attention (shotuout to @RedRanger678 on Twitter) that this was, in fact, not, the Jason Smith fans all know. Smith confirmed this on his twitter account Saturday, March 27, 2021:

As a result of this updated information, an update stating the information was incorrect has been posted to The Power Scoop’s Twitter page. In addition, the initial post sharing the news on The Power Scoop’s Instagram page has been removed; a post will be put up in it’s place explaining the reason for it’s removal.

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