Mark Mitchinson, Cast as the Voice of “Boomtower” in Dino Fury

Mark has a voice like no other – rich, warm and slightly husky he’s the perfect contender for big brand work and narration. With a mix of Kiwi and mid tone English, there’s sophistication and edge to his reads.

Source: Mint Voices

Mitchinson has also made a name of himself with his voice work in Power Rangers, showcasing his vocal talents and the rich timbre he’s known for. Most recently, Mitchinson has voiced characters such as “Singe” in Power Rangers Dino Fury, “Sherriff Skyfire” in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and “Turbotron” in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

He has also voiced monsters in Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Megafroce. Now, he voices recurring character “Boomtower” – the villainous general to Jared Turner’s “Void Knight.”

Ever since the character name of “Boomtower” was revealed through toy listings, and his bio was released on the official Power Rangers site (see below), many fans have wondered who would be voicing this character.

Boomtower: Void Knight’s monster general, a brutal fighter.

Appearing in the fourth episode of the first season (“New Recruits”) Boomtower is not a Sporix Beast, but was was created by Void Knight, himself. He set out to capture the Nephrite Orb in order to become even more powerful than he already is, as the orb would increase his strength once it’s placed into his chest. With a body shape resembling a castle (in the Super Sentai series this Power Rangers season’s source footage comes from, he’s based off the chess piece, the Rook), “Boomtower” is a strong and formidable fighter when he faces the Rangers.

Mitchinson, of Lion Rock Management, has numerous acting credits under his belt. He most recently appeared in Netflix’s “The Shannara Chronicles” in 2016-2017, the New Zealand TV movie, “Ablaze,” (in which Power Rangers Dino Charge’s Jarred Blakiston and James Davies also have roles) in 2019, and the hit Amazon television series, “The Wilds,” in 2020. He also appeared as “Braga” in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

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