Rachelle Duncan, Cast as the Voice of “Vypeera” in Dino Fury

Back for her second stint in voice acting for Power Rangers, Rachelle Duncan provided the voice of “Vypeera,” the free-inducing Medusa-like monster that attacked Pine Ridge over the BuzzBlast airwaves.

Duncan first joined the Power Rangers franchise as the voice of “Tiaratron” in Power Rangers Beast Morphers – more specifically, in season two, episode eight, “Secret Struggle.”

Check ou the clip below of Red Ranger Zayto (played by Russell Curry) taking on Vypeera.

Much like the Medusa of greek mythology who could turn anyone who looks at her snake-like hair to stone, Vypeera can cause anyone who looks into the eyes on her chest to freeze, rooted to the spot. Continuing to pay homage to the creature she’s based upon, Vypeera’s weapon is shaped like a snake.

Represented by Pirhana Talent, Duncan’s described as having:

a depth and warmth in her vocal tone that is informative and authoritive, yet soothing. A well rounded sound. Also incredibly funny with excellent comedic timing. She has been the voice of UKTV, Honk Kong Star TV and appeared in various radio plays for BBC World Service and RTHK. A highly skilled actor; trained at the London Studio Centre.

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