Torum Heng, Cast as Voice of “Mucus” in Dino Fury

Heng joins Power Rangers Dino Fury in her not only her first voice role, but her first role with the franchise as the voice of “Mucus,” the kid-like, tag-along, indestructible Sporix that was created accidentally by a Pine Ridge civilian who stumbled upon the Sporix Eggs.

Image via RangerWiki

Fans got their first inkling as to what the character of “Mucus” (referred to as their Sentai adaptaion name “Kreon” before the premiere of Power Rangers Dino Fury) and what the character would be like when they were spotted in filming videos back in January.

Many, myself included, also thought due to the mushroom-based design of the character, thought that it’s name was going to be “Sporix” before it was revealed in the show, what the Sporix actually are.

Represented by Lion Rock Management, this is not Heng’s first foray in voice acting, but it is her first in the world of Power Rangers. Heng’s voice also appeared as the voice of “Vanya” in the Path of Exile games, in the role of “Lois Kennedy” in the New Zealand television film “Ablaze” about the Christchurch Ballantyne department fire (Power Rangers Dino Charge’s Jarred Blakiston has a big role in the film), and has appeared in many stage shows in New Zealand. She is also currently starring as “Simone” in the television series, “Head High.”

Power Rangers is one of Heng’s few television credits.

Check out her IMDB here.

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