Jamie Linehan, Cast as Voice of “Shockhorn”

If you enjoy Jamie Linehan’s work in Power Rangers, we’ve got another season with his vocal talents. In Power Rangers Dino Fury, Linehan voices the Sproix Beast, “Shockhorn,” complete with a Southern accent! “Shockhorn” appeared very briefly in the premiere, “Destination Dinohenge,” but has a bigger role in episode two, “Sporix Unleashed.”

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Most recently, Linehan voiced the Silver Ranger/Beast Bot “Steel,” and the Beast Morphers Ranger team villain, “Vargoyle.

Linehan is certainly becoming a veteran Power Rangers voice actor with his growing list of credits – and he’s also starting to become known for portraying multiple different characters all in the same season. In addition to his two roles in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and his new role in Power Rangers Dino Fury, he also voiced

  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
    • Red Ranger Teen, “Lost and Found in Translation”
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017-2018)
    • Brax, “Doom Signal,” “Magic Misfire,” “Prepare to Fail”
    • Wolvermean, “Outfoxed,” “Need for Speed,” “Attack of the Galactic Ninjas”
    • Gamegoblin, “Gameplan”
    • Tangleweb, “Drive to Survive”

Jamie is something of a human jukebox – if you give him money he’ll pretty much make whatever sound you want. Hard-sell, Soft-sell, Narration, Character, Accents even Jingle singing – Jamie is proficient at all of it. Having been in broadcasting for over two decades, Jamie has amassed a lengthy back catalogue of work

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