Jared Turner, Cast as Voice of “Void Knight,” in Dino Fury

Power Rangers Dino Fury debuted today on Nickelodeon – with new episodes airing Saturdays at 8am ET/PT.

Since the first preview clip for the new season was posted, and maybe even further back than that when the toy listing was found, many have wondered who would voiced the villain, “Void Knight.” It was Jared Turner!

Check out his work as Void Knight in the clip below!

Jared Turner has been a part of the Power Rangers franchise off and on for a few years. Most recently, he portrayed the character, “Joe,” in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. “Joe” was Calvin Maxwell’s (portrayed by Nico Greetham) boss when he got a job working as a mechanic in the episode, “Car Trouble,” the sixteenth episode of Ninja Steel.

Before that, Turner voiced “Whiger” in Power Rangers Jungle Fury for six episodes.

He also played “Ty” in the hit New Zealand show, “Almighty Johnsons.”

Image Source: PowerRangersNOW

Turner is represented by Lion Rock Management in Auckland, New Zealand. Check out everything Jared has been in at his IMDB page. Tune in to Power Rangers Dino Fury every Saturday to see this villain’s story unfold, and to find out why he’s after the supercharged, Sporix!

Void Knight is an armored alien warlord who crashed on Earth many years ago. He is intent on using the power of the super-charged Sporix for his own personal benefit.

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