Caroline Bell-Booth Joins Dino Fury as New Director

Simon Bennett, executive producer and show runner for Power Rangers Dino Fury, recently tweeted his optimism in creating an outstanding season of Power Rangers – and some fans are feeling that with some of the new changes behind the scenes, it could turn out be just that.

We can add director Caroline Bell-Booth to the list of new directors to the Power Rangers franchise. She’ll direct the sixth block of the first season of Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Michael Hurst and Chris Graham are also working as directors to the series for the first time. One of the two blocks Chris Graham directed occurs right before Booth’s. No word yet, specifically, on which block Michael Hurst has directed through November and December 2020. In the past, blocks of episodes filmed comprised of about three episodes, so we may be seeing Booth directing more than one episode of the 28th season.

Some fans are also wondering if Bennett will be directing a few episodes of Power Rangers Dino FUry after positive reception to episodes he’s directed through Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Beast Morphers:; “The Royal Rival,” “The Royal Rumble,” “Dimensions in Danger,” “Beasts Unleashed,” “Evox’s Revenge,” and “Evox: Upgraded,” are just a few.

Starting out in directing in theater (in which she’s won awards for her work), Booth has quickly made a name for herself in directing TV dramas. Booth has directed episodes in the hit Australian show, 800 Words, New Zealand’s own Westside as well as the popular soaps Shortland Street and Home & Away.

You can find out more about Mrs. Booth and her work on her resume (where you can also find clips of her directing work and her 2020 drama reel – she’s represented through Marquee Management), this short bio through DEGNZ, or her IMDB page.

Power Rangers Dino Fury is currently filming the first 22 episodes of the two season-theme in Auckland, New Zealand and will air on Nickelodeon in 2021.

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