Behind the Scenes of Beast Morphers: Chrystal Ashford – Props, Set Dresser

UPDATE: Chrystal Ashford’s site has recently been set to private

Previously, images of the Grid Battleforce sets including hallways and the command room, rockets used in the episode, “Hangar Heist” and more, were revealed in behind the scenes images that Ashford had taken while on set.

Now, there’s even more: the Rangers’ morphters, the Morph-X powered X-Bikes, a zord cockpit, Evox’s machine to create Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy over and over should they ever be destroyed, Nate’s lab in Grid Battleforce, Evox’s Crystal Dimension lair, and so much more!

I have fifteen years experience in various rolls of pre production, on set and post in the film and television industry. Most recently I’ve worked in the Art Department as a set dresser and standby props. I also enjoy Locations & Production Assisting too, including looking after client, cast and agency. I specialise in prop painting and ageing. I own my own standby kit for this work, which I can hire to any production.

Source: Chrystal Ashford CV

For Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Ashford worked as a prop paint technician, with standby props – in which she was responsible for the supervision of all props both on and off the film set; as a set designer, a set dresser…and occasionally as a stand-in extra! (In the episode, “Artist Anonymous” when the crowed gather’s for Ravi’s mural.) As a set dresser, Ashford’s job would be to arrange objects on set right before cameras would roll to ensure proper placement and continunity between takes.

You can view a bit of her work below, and even more at her site linked below:

Props: The Rangers’s Morphers, Blasters, Zord cockpit, and X-Bikes

Set Design/Dressing: Grid Battleforce, Evox’s Lair

Set Dressing: Ravi’s Mural, Dinosaur Bones

Chrystal Ashford has worked on many TV series, commercials, and movies in and around New Zealand in multiple capacities behind the scenes. You can view her CV here.

Working alongside Tracey Collins, Dion Boothby, and the rest of the team in the art department, and Power Rangers Productions as a whole, she was able to create props, and the set designs to bring the world of Power Rangers, and the Grid Battleforce to the screen.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is in it’s second season and airs Saturdays, on Nickelodeon at 8am ET/PT. Currently, the show is on hiatus and will return later in 2020 – the Power Rangers team up featuring Austin St. John reprising his role as “Jason” the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, and teams from Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and Power Rangers Dino Charge; including the return of Brennan Mejia as “Tyler Navarro”, James Davies as “Chase Randall”, Yoshi Sudarso as “Koda”, and Davi Santos as “Sir Ivan”, will air later in the year.

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