Director Simon Bennett Has Taken Over the Role of “Power Rangers” Executive Producer

Update 1/6/2020 – 9:50pm: Simon has commented on the news

It’s 2020, and what better way to start off the new year with some news that’s to affect the 28th season of Power Rangers.

Recently, rumors surfaced from The Illuminerdi, that the next season of Power Rangers to air after Power Rangers Beast Morphers ends, will be sourced from Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger; in short: Dinosaurs! (Note: this piece news has not been officially confirmed at this time.)

Still, some more news about the 28th season has come forward: Simon Bennett, director of 16 total episodes of Power Rangers across Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Beast Morphers is now an executive producer of the Power Rangers television series.

For those who have interacted with Bennett on twitter, this may not be new information to you – and more fans have interacted with him as his work with the series has increased. In fact, I had even congratulated him on the promotion when I had noticed the change in his twitter profile back in November:

In the news article linked in Bennett’s own tweet, from back in October 2019, it had a small blurb about his change in title in regards to the show:

Director Simon Bennett, previously of Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune and now executive producer of Power Rangers, is a Toi Whakaari graduate.


Bennett’s twitter and instagram profile bios have also reflected the change to his new role. His IMDB bio was also changed to state:

As of 2019, he has taken over the reins as EP of Hasbro’s famed Power Rangers TV series.

At this time, those are the only instances that have acknowledged his promotion – a quiet acknowledgement all around.

Fans know that long-time Power Rangers crew member Judd “Chip” Lynn has previously held the title executive producer for the show – returning to the franchise with Power Rangers Dino Charge and staying through Power Rangers Beast Morphers – after the sudden departure of Jonathan Tzachor, who was the executive producer of the TV series since Haim Saban bought the franchise back in 2010. The news of the sudden switch of executive producer from Tzachor to Lynn came to the shock and delight of many fans.

With Hasbro now having full control over the Power Rangers property, more changes are bound to happen, but maybe this is the biggest one (so far). There is no word at this time in regards to whether Chip Lynn is still working with Power Rangers and to what capacity.

Bennett has previously described working on Power Rangers as providing him with challenges like “how to make people explode and disappear into the pits of Doom.” In New Zealand, Bennett is also known for his work producing and directing the soap “Shortland Street,” and it’s musical incarnation; “The Almighty Johnsons,” and “Outrageous Fortunes” to name a few of his credits.

Some of the episodes Benett has directed are “My Friend Redbot,” “The Royal Rival,” “The Royal Rumble,” and “Dimensions in Danger” from Power Rangers Ninja Steel and “Beasts Unleashed,” “Target Tower,” and the Beast Morphers season one finale, “Evox: Upgraded.” Bennett has gotten praise for his work on Power Rangers as a director, so it’s exciting to see how he’ll fair as the head of a whole season from start to finish as the executive producer.

Congratulations, Mr. Bennett. We look forward to seeing how the 28th season continues the Power Rangers legacy.

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