Ashton Brown, Voice of “Meltatron”

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It was known for some time that Brown, of Auckland Actors, was working on his second voice role with the Power Rangers franchise, but it wasn’t known at the time which MOTD that would be. In the sixth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, “Hangar Heist,” he voiced the monster, Meltatron.

Image Source: Power Rangers Official Youtube

Scrozzle created Meltatron out of an acid can in the Cyber World that he infected in an attempt to retrieve Slicerdrone (voiced by David Van Horn in “Taking Care of Business”). True to his name, Meltatron could melt any object with a spray from his spray gun.

Brown’s first appeared in Power Rangers Megaforce’s thirteenth episode, “Dream Snatcher,” as a man put in a coma-like deep sleep where he dreamt about winning a brand new car.

His first voice acting role came five years later in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. In the sixteenth episodes, ironically called, “Car Trouble,” he voiced “Voltipede”, a monster that sucked the energy out of cars to use against the Ninja Steel Rangers.

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