John Leigh, Cast as “Sudsey”

Apart from the many other voice roles in previous seasons (all of which you can view on, Leigh makes another appearance in the Power Rangers franchise as “Sudsey”, the owner of the ca wash business of the same name featured in Power Rangers Beast Morphers’s fifth episode, “Taking Care of Business.”

Leigh is represented by Johnson&Laird Management.

Image Source: Power Rangers Official Youtube

For a short while, Red Ranger, Devon Daniels, was given a job at the car wash and found it difficult to juggle it along with his role as a Power Ranger. Sudsey was not enchanted by the fact that Devon is the mayor’s son, and treats him like any other worker.

Power Rangers fans have most recently heard Leigh’s voice as “Damaras” in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. They last saw him on screen as the “Fisherman” in Power Rangers Samurai’s “A Fish Out of Water.”

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