Rowan Bettjeman, Voice of “Needletron”

Rowan Bettjeman

In his third role with the Power Rangers franchise, Rowan Bettjeman of Gail Cowan Management provided the voice of “Needletron” in the third episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers: End of the Road.
Image Source: Power Rangers Official Youtube

Bettjeman started working with the franchise in 2011 in the role of “Ryan’s Father,” during the run of Power Rangers Samurai. He appeared in the episode, “Deal with a Nighlok.” That episode was his first, and so far only, on-screen appearance with Power Rangers.

He has also most recently provided the voice of “Shoespike” in Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s episode, “Ace and the Race.” The human form of Shokespoke was portrayed by Jacob Dale.

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