Sia Trokenheim, Cast as “Muriel Reeves”

Source: KRActors, Instagram, Thanks @trekkieb47 for the heads up

While it was originally known that Trokenheim, of Kathryn Rawlings & Associates in New Zealand, was playing the character named Muriel, not much was known about her character.

With the premiere of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, we found out that she works for Channel 10 as a news anchor. And now, we have found that the character of Muriel is even bigger than once known: she is Muriel Reeves, mother of Zoey Reeves the Yellow Ranger (played by Jackqueline Scislowski).

Just recently, the cast and crew were treated with being able to watch their first two episodes on the big screen in Auckland, New Zealand just like Power Rangers casts before them. It was in Trokenheim’s instagram post that this news was revealed, not only with the hash tag “MurielReeves”, but with a comment by Jacqueline herself where she refers to Sia as “Mama Reeves.”

While parents in the world of Power Rangers have been something fans have wanted to see more often (and hopefully with more of a back story than having disappeared for years on end, or just not mention of them), in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, all of the Rangers have parents in what looks to be pretty important roles: Red Ranger Devon Daniel’s father is Mayor Adam Daniels (played by Kevin Copeland), and Blue Ranger Ravi Shaw’s mother is Grid Battleforce Commander Shaw (played by Teuila Blakely).

With the importance of the Rangers keeping their identities a secret, it will be interesting to see how Devon’s and Zoey’s relationship with their dad and mom will play out over the season.

You can see more of Muriel in action in the first preview clip of Power Rangers Beast Morphers epsiode three, “End of the Road:”


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