Dahnu Graham, Suit Actor for Beast Bot “Smash”

Dance/Actor Dahnu Graham of Auckland Actors has been cast in Power Rangers Beast Morphers as the suit actor for the Beast Bot, “Smash.” Making his first appearance in suit in episodes two, “Evox’s Revenge,” Garham works with the voice acting talent of Charlie McDermott to give the robotic companion life.

Smash is the Gorilla Beast Bot for the Blue Ranger, Ravi Shaw (played by Jasmeet Baduwalia) – Devon Daniels (Rorrie Travis) has the Cheetah Beast Bot “Cruise,” and Zoey Reeves (Jacqueline Scislowski) has the Jack Rabbit Beast Bot “Jax.” Smash also serves as the main control unit in Ravi’s Beast Wheeler Zord

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