Kevin Copeland, Cast as “Mayor Daniels”

Source: Whittemore Management

Back in November, on the Beast Morphers IMDB page, it was found that Kevin Copeland was credited in the role of “Mayor Daniels.”

Update 3/2/19: The premiere of Beast Morphers confirms Copeland’s character name to be “Mayor, Adam Daniels,” Red Ranger Devon Daniel’s father.

Once that had been noticed, fans were quick to find that on his instagram page (@kevincopeland_actor), there were two videos that he posted in New Zealand; in the first, he stated that he was in New Zealand on a shoot, but did not go into more detail.

Many sites had already picked up on this news, however it has now been confirmed that Copeland does indeed have a role in the show by Whittemore Management:

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 26) is due to air early 2019 , starring WM’s Kevin Copeland. Kevin has been in New Zealand filming on this series over the past few months and loved every minute of it.

While little is known about this character at the moment, with the mention of Copeland filming over the past few months, “Mayor Daniels” is set to be a recurring character.

Twitter: @hatandjeans
Instagram: @kevincopeland_actor

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is set to air in early 2019; Saturdays on Nickelodeon at 12pm ET / PT.

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