Beast Morphers at Spark Arena

Instagram user @kenthis snapped these photos of Power Rangers Beast Morphers filming on location at Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

While the actual day of filming this took place is unknown, it could be understood that these photos were taken around December 12th, near the end of production of the first season.

On December 12th, twitter user @mrdoctormann, managed to snap a video of filming of Power Rangers Beast Morphers while waiting to attend a Palaye Royale concert in New Zealand.

Through the pictures, fans can see close up shots of the Beast Morpher Red Ranger’s power up, and the footsoldiers that are to be used in the season. At the moment, the power up name is unknown.

Filming for the first season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, composed of 22 episodes, concluded on December 20th, 2018. The cast is now at home for their holiday hiatus and will return to Auckland to shoot 22 episodes of the second season in early 2019.

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