Barry Duffield Cast in Unkown Beast Morphers Role

Update 12/12/18: Duffield was cast in a voice role

Barry Duffield, of Auckland Actors, is a newcomer to the Power Rangers family. Recently, he took to his social media pages to share his excitement of the news.

Duffield is best known as “Lugo” from the British tv series, Spartacus – which, like Power Rangers, was shot in New Zealand. The capacity of his role has not been revealed as of yet, however when stated by a friend in the comments of his FB post of the same message that they “hoped he was gonna be a good guy”, he simply replied “Nope :-).”

Whether this means he’s partaking in a voice acting role or playing the human role of a villain, if at all, is still yet to be discovered. Duffield is also known as a scriptwriter, and fans think some new talent in the writing department may help make Beast Morphers be a season to remember.

Production of the first season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers is almost complete, the cast has started the ADR process, and 2019 is almost upon us. Power Rangers Beast Morphers is set to air in early 2019, Saturdays on Nickelodeon at 12pm ET / PT.

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