Beast Morphers at Aotea Square – Nov 21, 22

Power Rangers Beast Morphers has re-used a multitude of the same filming locations in Auckland New Zealand over the past years of production – Aotea Square is one of them.

November 21st and 22nd, Power Rangers Beast Morphers filming was set in Aotea Square adjacent to the The CAB & Civic Quarter apartments.

Source: The CAB & Civic Quarter

The footsoldiers suit/stunt actors are seen in the picture along with, what may be a MOTD, in the far right side of the picture standing alongside a red and yellow stall.

Thanks to @thanimorph10 for the heads up:

Production on the first half of the season (or season 26 if you count them as separate seasons), will be ending soon with production wrapping up in December.

Then, after a break, the cast and crew will start work again in late January – if previous filming schedules are being followed.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will air on Nickelodeon in early 2019, on Nickelodeon.

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