Power Rangers Ninja Steel Music Released


Youssef Guezoum, co-composer, of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel series, has released some music of the work he created for the season. While initially thought his role would be solely to compose musical cues, he ended up working alongside Noam Kaniel – who has long worked for the Power Rangers franchise creating the background music.

Now fans have the chance to hear what music he contributed to the series:

You can also find two audio clips on his sound cloud. One entitled “The Comeback“, the other “Moment of Truth.” On his Facebook, he also uploaded a preview of a clip for fight music – included is the familiar “go go power rangers” rift.

You can hear some of his other works on his youtube channel.

Official Website : http://www.youssefguezoum.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joeguezoum

Twitter: https://twitter.com/youssefguezoum

There is no word at this time regarding wether or not Kaniel or Guezoum will continue their roles with the creation of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers contracts. With Hasbro recently becoming the owner of everything Power Rangers, it is also unclear whether the will continue with the series Hasbro officially starts to produce the show themselves.