Power Rangers Productions Looking For Story Department Assistant

Source: The Big Idea


Live in New Zealand and have experience working in screen writing? The Power Rangers Productions story department is looking for a writing assistant for the upcoming 26th season of Power Rangers entitled Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Due Date: May 4th, 2018

Position is a freelance independent contract in which the candidate hired will be working a full time 5-day a week position, for 50 hours a week — with some additional hours, and change of work days . It is important to note that the candidate applying for the position must be a New Zealand resident or citizen. This position will be held from between May 2018 and June 2019.

Previous interns for the Power Rangers Production offices include Becca Barnes and Alwyn Dale who had stayed on with the show to become members of the writing staff. Most recently, Steve McCleary and Uther Dean were interns for the story department for the 24th and 25th seasons, Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Find out how to apply at the link above.

“Power Rangers” is a half-hour international children’s action show, currently being produced in Glen Eden, Auckland. The Power Rangers Story Department is looking for an assistant.

The successful applicant will join an experienced story team working on this fast turn-around television series. This is an administrative role where you can gain experience as part of a professional writing department.

Successful applicants will have written film/TV scripts of their own before, and therefore possess some experience with screenwriting software (Final Draft) and format. They will be self-motivated, disciplined, professional, and have a great attitude. The role includes proofreading, so good grammar and keen attention to detail is crucial. While experience in an office environment is a plus, this role would suit a recent graduate.

While unconfirmed, this job listing sound like Power Rangers Beast Morphers could wind up being a two season theme. Nevertheless, with the 8 month window to film, it does sound as if there still could be 40 episodes for this theme. If there are to be two seasons, with the May 2018-June 2019 window, it would follow the same schedule of airing for the previous Neo-Saban Seasons:

The first half of the Beast Morphers first season (midseason has been starting up anywhere between episode 8-10) airing in early 2019, with the second half airing in summer-winter of 2019 after a hiatus. This schedule would then repeat for the second half (season 27 – the “super” half) of the second season – with the first batch of episodes in early 2020, and the second half airing in the summer of 2020.

Production of the show usually occurs between September-December 2018 for the first season, and late January-May 2019 for the second season. With the job leading into June, it could involve late changes in scripts for ADR, or even the potentiality at early, early planning process for the season after Beast Morphers.

Stay tuned to The Power Scoop for more information regarding Beast Morphers; whether the theme will be held over two years, and more information as it becomes available.