Ninja Steel, Complete First Season Now Available on Netflix

October 15, 2017 the first eight episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel were available for viewing on Netflix. Now, the Complete first season is available:

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel airs it’s mid-season finale episode “Caught Red-Handed” Saturday, March 17 at 12pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon.  Still to look forward to is the 25th anniversary special episode, airing sometime in the second half of the Super Ninja Steel season. Stay tuned to find out when Super Ninja Steel episodes become available on Netflix.

Audio is available in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, and Italian.

Subtitles are available in French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, English.

1. Return of the Prism – 24m

After escaping from the spaceship of evil mastermind Galvanax, Brody must unlock the secret of the Ninja Nexus Prism with help from two new friends.

2. Forged In Steel – 24m

Accompanied by Preston and Sarah, Brody returns to his childhood home seeking his lost family. Hayley and Calvin meet an odd, lost alien named Mick.

3. Live and Learn – 24m

Brody uses his Data Comm to look up answers at school and is accused of being a cheater. A new threat from Galvanax only adds to his troubles.

4. Presto-Change-O – 24m

Preston is amazed to discover he suddenly has magical powers. Aided by a new ally, Galvanax hatches a plot to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

5. Drive To Survive – 24m

When the monster Tangleweb entraps the Power Rangers in his spiderweb prison, Calvin must conquer his fear to unleash a new power and save the team.

6. My Friend, Redbot – 24m

After becoming separated from the other Rangers, Hayley and Redbot must try to save themselves during an attack by Galvanax’s latest monster.

7. Hack Attack – 24m

Sarah clones herself with a new invention so that she can sign up for multiple student activities, but Galvanax’s monster steals the device.

8. Gold Rush – 24m

Both the Power Rangers and Galvanax seek more information about the mysterious new Gold Ranger.

9. Rock and Rolling – 24m

Suspicious earthquakes create a panic at the concert hall just as Levi is preparing to kick off his world tour with a big show.

10. The Ranger Ribbon – 24m

Preston must confront his father, who plans to cut down the town’s beloved Ribbon Tree, and the Rangers face off against a trap-laying villain.

11. Poisonous Plots – 24m

When Brody’s poisoned during a fight, Madame Odius demands all six Ranger Stars in exchange for the antidote.

12. Family Fusion – 24m

The Rangers create a superpowered new Megazord to battle it out with Ripcon, and a huge secret involving Levi and Aiden is revealed.

13. Ace and the Race – 24m

At the town Fun-athalon, Calvin is distracted by a fellow car buff while the sinister Shoespike turns the other friends against each other.

14. The Royal Rival – 24m

The mysterious Princess Viera from the Lion Galaxy arrives on Earth with her guard to give the Rangers a royal challenge.

15. The Royal Rumble – 24m

After crash-landing, Princess Viera invites the Power Rangers to form an alliance against Galvanax and Drillion, but Mick has a good reason to resist.

16. Monkey Business – 24m

When Calvin and Hayley run against each other for student government, a monster’s vocal copycat skills stoke conflict within the team.

17. The Adventures of RedBot – 24m

Redbot chronicles the adventures of the Power Rangers on his blog, and the team battles a feline monster trying to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

18. Abrakadanger – 24m

Struggling to master his magical abilities, Preston casts spells that backfire on his teammates, leaving him to confront Galvanax’s newest monster.

19. Helping Hand – 24m

Sarah’s mom tries a little too hard to help with a school project, and the Power Rangers deal with an invisible force field.

20. Galvanax Rises – 24m

Victor and Monty must find a way to escape the Warrior Dome Ship while Galvanax launches his final attack on the Power Rangers.

21. Grave Robber – Halloween Episode – 24m

A Halloween-themed board game turns out to be a trap set by Cosmo Royale that forces the Rangers into battle with monsters they defeated in the past.

22. Past, Presents, and Future – Christmas Episode – 24m

When Cleocatra immobilizes the Ninja Steel Rangers, Sarah must travel back in time to save them — with a little help from a familiar holiday hero.

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