“Power Rangers RPG” Available for Beta Testing on Android Phones

Update March 3, 2018: Beta testings is now CLOSED. Stay tuned for more information on the game when it becomes available.



After the announcement of “Power Rangers: RPG”, the game is now available for a limited time for BETA testing for smartphones OS 4.0 / Samsung Galaxy S5 on up on Google Play in some countries.

Check yours to see if it’s available in your area. There is now word yet on an official release date.

Android: Play Store

★ This closed beta test is available for a limited time and to testers only
★ All data will be wiped after the beta for balancing and improvements
★ Internet connection needed


Power Rangers is finally an RPG!
Every Ranger team in one place.
Collect and level up your Rangers to form powerful dream teams!


▶ Features
– Explore in 3D the Rangers Command Center
– Pilot the most powerful Megazord guardians!
– Complete Daily Missions and Dimensional Explorations with strategically selected Ranger teams
– Select your best team of Rangers for 5-vs-5 training battles in the Dimensional Arena
– Team up with members of your Alliance to complete Alliance Raids!
– Receive exciting rewards when both idling and participating!


Created by the Nexon Company in partnership with Saban Brands and Move Games, “Power Rangers: RPG” is an easy to use mobile game. You can set the controls to auto or manually play as you tap the screen to control the Rangers and defeat the minions, and bosses, in each level.

You can play in story mode, versus battle, join alliances, and check in for daily and weekly rewards. Gather crystals and coins to level up your Ranger, their weapons, and unlock other members of your current and future Ranger teams. Join an alliance to gain extra items as you collect each Ranger for the best team to fight against the threat to Earth.


The game starts out in story-mode walking you through a tutorial aided by Colonel Truman and Doctor K. In each level of story mode there are missoins you have to complete before moving on to the next area. In order to unlock other areas, you need to level up your Rangers as you play through easy, hard, and expert modes.

You start off with the Power Rangers RPM team, and work your way into unlocking other Rangers from Mystic Force, Wild Force, Operation Overdrive, S.P.D., Megaforce, Super Megaforce, and Dino Charge.


In versus mode, there are three different battle types:

  1. Daily Mission – A mission that changes every day
  2. Dimensional Exploration – Explore mysterious worlds while wandering the multiverse
  3. Dimensional Arena – To become the greatest Power Ranger




Here’s an 11m30s video of game play by Maximumandroid1:

Check back in with The Power Scoop for more information on “Power Rangers RPG” as it becomes available.