“Power Rangers RPG” Mobile Game from Nexon in Development

Source:  MMOCulture, Gamerbraves


A new Power Rangers mobile game is on it’s way to be published by Movegames, created by Nexon, and arriving in late 2018. Nexon, a video game and mobile game company in South Korea, has signed a global publishing contract with Movegames and Daewon Media to bring to Power Rangers fans this new game.

Simply titled “Power Rangers RPG” at the moment, the new mobile game will use “the Japanese Power Rangers IP and feature various rangers, mecha summons, earth defense missions and more.”

Many will remember the name Move Games as the publisher behind the popular mobile game, Power Rangers Dash (first released in Asia, and then later on released in the United States. – iOS Android).

https://i1.wp.com/rangercommand.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Power-Rangers-Dash-Logo-full.jpg(image via Ranger Command Power Hour)

The Power Rangers (their likeness, anyway) were also used in Nexon’s game “Hyper Universe” — a side-scrolling MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) where you can choose from characters from multiple popular properties and battle it out.

An official release date for this new mobile game has not been announced at this moment, however the game will be available for iOS, and Android phones. Please note, there is no word at this moment on where this game will be released and when or if it will have a western release.  With how quick in popularity “Power Rangers Dash” grew to become, and officially released through Saban Brands, “Power Rangers RPG” may eventually go the same route.

Update 2/14/18: “With this agreement, Nexon plans to release ‘Power Rangers RPG’ as Android OS and iOS version in 100 countries (excluding Japan and China) in the world including North and South America and Europe.”  (Translated from inven.co.kr)

Previously, Movegames and Daewon Media had created an online PC game entitled “Power Rangers Online”, which was met with little success. Nexon has also created the a Digimon RPG, and “Digimon Masters.”

“Power Rangers RPG” continues to add to the slate of mobile games such as “Power Rangers Dash” and “Power Rangers Unite.”  Fans can play Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (iOSAndroid), the mobile game that boomed in popularity upon it’s initial release, and recently introduced new characters such as Kat Ranger from Power Rangers SPD and Megazord Mode to the game, as they wait for more news on this new development.

Stay tuned to The Power Scoop for more information on “Power Rangers RPG” as it becomes available.