Super Ninja Steel Episode Summaries

Keep checking back, this post will be updated as info becomes available. Updated: 11/02/18, Episode 20 and Christmas Special

Source: Zap2it, PowerRangersNOW, TVGuide, Kyl416, NickALive;1280x807.png

25×01 – “Echoes of Evil” (Jan. 27) – Madame Odius returns to Earth to track down the Ninja Nexus Prism. (Zap2It) / In the season opener, Madame Odius returns to Earth to track down the Ninja Nexus Prism (TVGuide) Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×02 – “Moment of Truth” (Feb. 3) – When Calvin forgets his and Hayley’s anniversary, he panics and ends up spinning a web of lies to over up his mistake. (PowerRangersNOW) Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×03 – “Tough Love” (Feb. 10) – Levi tries to change himself to impress a mysterious street performer. (PowerRangersNOW) Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×04 – “Making Waves” (Feb. 17) – When a monster threatens Summer Cove, the Rangers tap into the power of a brand new Megazord! (PowerRangersNOW) / The Rangers tap into the power of Megazord after a monster has threatened Summer Cove. (TVGuide)  Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×05 – “Game Plan” (Feb. 24) – The students of Summer Cove High become addicted to a new video game. (PowerRangersNOW) Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×06 – “Attack of the Galactic Ninjas” (Mar. 3) – The Galactic Ninjas arrive on Earth to destroy the Rangers once and for all. (PowerRangersNOW) Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×07 – “The Need For Speed” (Mar. 10) – Sarah tries to break the world hover board speed record using strange new technology. (PowerRangersNOW) Clip 1 | Clip 2

25×08 – “Caught Red-Handed” (Mar. 17) – Brody is accused of stealing something from one of his teachers. (PowerRangersNOW)

25×09 – “Outfoxed” (Aug. 25) – After their Zords are disabled by Odius’ giant Foxatron, the Rangers must find a new way to stop her evil Zord. (BurgundyRanger, Kyl416)

25×10 – “Dimensions in Danger” (Aug. 28 – 8pm) – In a very special 25th Anniversary episode, the Super Ninja Steel Rangers team up with Legendary Rangers in an epic battle to save the world. (Kyl416)

25×11 – “Love Stings” (Sep. 1) – Preston learns not to believe everything he hears. (Kyl416)

25×12 – “Fan Frenzy” (Sep. 8) – Levi becomes overwhelmed by an overzealous fan. (Kyl416)

25×13 – “Prepare to Fail” (Sep. 15) – Sarah and the team’s overconfidence puts them all at risk. (Kyl416)

25×14 – “Sheriff Skyfire” (Sep. 22) – A Space Sheriff is tricked into attacking the Rangers and Hayley learns an important lesson about respecting school rules. (Kyl416)

25×15 – “Tech Support” (Sep. 29) – The Rangers need the help of an unlikely ally when their technology is infected with a computer virus. (Kyl416)

25×16 – “Car Trouble” (Oct. 6) – Calvin is faced with a tough decision when he is offered his dream job. (Zap2It)

25×17 – “Happy To Be Me” (Oct. 13) – When a monster steals Levi’s voice, he learns an important lesson about self-worth. (Zap2It)

25×21 – “Monster Mix-Up” (Oct. 20) – The Super Ninja Steel Rangers are ambushed by monsters who switch bodies with them. (ComicBook)

25×18 – “Magic Misfire” (Oct. 27) – One of Preston’s spells accidently causes unintended consequences for one of his favorite teachers which he must now fix (@BurgundyRanger)

25×19 – “Doom Signal” (Nov. 3) – Odius has a devious plan to create a massive army to control the world. (Kyl416)

25×20 – “Reaching the Nexus” (Nov. 10) – The Rangers must figure out how to save the citizens of Summer Cove and stop Odius once and for all! (Kyl416)

25×22 – “The Poisy Show” (Dec. 1) – The Rangers look to celebrate Christmas but find their holiday cheer interrupted by an old foe. (NickALive)