Saban Brands Reaches 25th Milestone with Power Rangers

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25 years is a big milestone that not many television shows reach. In 2018, Saban Brands is celebrating that milestone in a “morphenominal” fashion, culminating with a big celebration in store for the anniversary date: August 28, 2018.

Since October 2017, we have gotten a few glimpses into what’s in store for the 25th anniversary including (but not limited to):

  • Power Rangers HyperForce – a tabletop RPG you can find on HyperRPG’s Twitch Channel in a collaboration with HyperRPG. New episodes air every Tuesday from 6-9pm PST. Paul Schrier, famously known as “Bulk” from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, plays the Hyperforce Yellow Ranger “Eddie”; and Peter Sudarso, who currently plays Power Rangers Ninja Steel Blue Ranger “Preston Tien”, plays Hyperforce Red Ranger “Marvin.” It’s first episode premiered October 2017.


  • Top 25 for the 25th – Every 25th of each month, a new exclusive  item will be revealed for the fans from Bandai, BOOM! Studios, nway, and Imaginext. The first item to be revealed was a re-issue of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’s Auto Morphin figure. Head over to visit for the monthly reveals.


  • Power Rangers Live! – A national touring live show to celebrate the franchise mixing martial arts and special effects. (Unfortunately, the live show was postponed until 2019).


  • Shattered Grid – A highly anticipated cross-over comic book event from BOOM! Studios spanning the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers comic books series that will bring multiple Power Rangers teams together to defeat the evil Lord Drakkon.

Saban Brands will soon also be launching a new campaign entitled “You’ve Got the Power”; reminding fans that they have indeed had the power since 1993. This campaign:

will inspire our younger generation of fans to unleash their inner superhero,” continues [Janet] Hsu (CEO of Saban Brands). “We are partnering with a cause leader to amplify our empowerment message throughout the year. We are extending this campaign through product collaborations, influencer partnerships and consumer products.”

The 25th anniversary celebration also includes a social network outreach to fans of all ages. First, is a highly anticipated 25th anniversary episode of Power Rangers that will air sometime during Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s run on Nickelodeon.

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Back in January of 2017, William Shewfelt (Brody / Ninja Steel Red) had an interview with his hometown newspaper The Modesto Bee, where he alluded to the fact that previous Power Rangers actors would make an appearance in this special episode.

On Jan. 15, he returns to New Zealand to shoot the second half of the Ninja Steel story arc through May. That will be the show’s 25th anniversary, airing in 2018 with guest appearances of the most popular past Rangers (Read full article here)

To help celebrate this episode, as well as the franchise’s 25th anniversary in general, Saban Brands is poised with an extensive outreach to bring fans into the excitement:

“We are focused on activating and driving engagement among our target audiences on key digital platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as our fan hub, We will also be releasing exclusive anniversary products including a comic book cross-over event, new updates in our ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ mobile game and all-new collector toys, amongst other exciting initiatives we’ll look to surprise fans with.”

With each month leading up to the big August 28th anniversary date for the Power Rangers franchise there’s plenty of events and future surprises in store. Whether it’s through BOOM! Studios, nway’s mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars or through fan interaction, there is something to keep fans excited and engaged.

In the meantime, you can also catch new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel airing at 12pm on Nickelodeon.