Power Rangers 26 Early Casting Begins Mid-March

Update 3/28/18: Nationwide casting calls are under way. Said to close April 18th, but has yet to be confirmed. Check below for more information.

General Information (via Irish Hampton, casting director):


UK actors submit here: http://www.openauditions.uk/blog/tv-athletic-actors-mf-18-25-to-be-new-power-rangers-for-season-26-of-the-tv-series

Backstage actors submit here: https://www.backstage.com/casting/power-rangers-beast-morphers-217889/?role_id=712071

Original post Feb 6, 2018:

Source: Morphin Legacy (via Iris Hampton, initial FB post has since been deleted.)

All you Power Rangers fans anxious to see if there will be anything after the franchise’s milestone 25th season, can breathe a somewhat sigh of relief. While the official name of the season hasn’t been announced, Iris Hampton – head casting director for the Power Rangers tv show – has posted on her Facebook page that aspiring actors should contact their agents and managers for some news in mid-march.

You’ve got until then to start getting everything together: gymnasts, dancers, martial artists, and those with an acrobatic background, good luck.


Back in August, Chip Lynn discussed in an article with Auckland.nz, that while post-production was being done with the 25th season of the show, the 26th season was in the early stages of pre-production. Sounds like things are running smoothly. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the linked post for the quote)

While the contract for Power Rangers and Nickelodeon has not had an announcement regarding an extension, it is assumed that the next two seasons will air on the network. Also, it is not known at this moment which Sentai season will be chosen for the 26th season to be a part of — the fanbase has had an overwhelming response to Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, which just recently finished it’s run in Japan,  and hope it is the season that will be adapted.

Check back with The Power Scoop for more information as it becomes available.