Power Rangers Live! Tour – Postoponed Until 2019

Source: PR_Media_Info, TokuNation, PowerRangersLive.com



November 21st, a little over a month after the initial announcement for Saban Brands’s 25th Anniversary of Power Rangers, it was revealed in e-mails to ticket holders that the Power Rangers Live! Tour has been postponed until 2019.

At first, when the news was initially being spread, no one knew if and when the tour would resume at all. @PR_Media_Info shared a screen shot of the e-mail (linked above) which explains that “Due to production delays, Power Rangers LIVE! tour is postponed” and that “refunds will be processed automatically at point of purchase.”

As the news continued to roll out, the official Facebook page for the event was deleted and the official website was updated to address the turn of events:

We look forward to bringing you an incredible Power Rangers live event in 2019!

On the site, the list of dates of the events have been removed, as well as information about the show, and images to promote the event. You can sign up for the mailing list to receive any further information as soon as it comes. At this time, there is no telling whether the initial cities announced will still have the tour come through when planning starts up again, or if new cities will be added.

This came as a surprise for everyone as it now pushes the event past the 25th anniversary, and the presiding 25th season of Power Rangers — the continuation of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s story in the second half of the season to premiere in January; Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. This has lead many fans to wonder whether the event will still be held in 2019 or if the live event will still focus on the Ninja Steel theme, or move onto the 2019 iteration.

Power Rangers LIVE! was described as:

an interactive, mixed media stage production for the whole family with endless action-packed stunts and epic martial arts.

An emailed request for comment has been sent to Red Light Management who is producing the show; they confirmed production delays to be the reason for postponement.

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