Saban Brands and Bounce Brings Power Rangers to London TV

Source: Licensing.Biz

The Freeview channel London Live will launch its new kids strand with UK premieres of Heidi and iconic episodes of Power Rangers.

Starting July 22, three seasons of the 24 (almost 25) year franchise of Power Rangers will be airing on TV screens in London. Saban Brands and London Live are teaming up to create a new kids oriented programming called Bounce.

Bounce will broadcast Monday to Saturdays, delivering content for children aged four to 15 in and around the capital.

With this collaboration,  Power Rangers fans in London will be able to enjoy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, and Power Rangers SPD on their TV screens. Power Rangers, however, is not the only Saban Brands property that will be airing on this block. Digimon and Glitter Force (which has since been heard to have it’s trademark moved to Toei Animation) will also be airing.

“A dynamic, fun and enegetic strand for boys nad girls, the combination of exclusive content including UK premiere series Glitter Force and Heidi, alongside well-loved titles such as Power Rangers and Digimon, perfectly complements our continuing programme strategy of curating the best quality content for London audiences.

With the creation of Bounce, a new app is being curated and will arrive in early 2018. Saturday, Jul 22nd, at Alexandra Palace’s Summer Festival, Bounce will be launched consumer activation, however the programming block will start July 17th and will run from 6am to 9am with a target demographic of 4-15 year olds.