New Ninja Steel Episodes Return August 12

Source: NickAndMore (h/t Mr. Green), PowerRangersNOW

Thanks to nickandmore and PRN, we have the date for when Power Rangers Ninja Steel will return with the ninth episode of the season: August 12 picking up right up after learning the identity of the Gold Ranger–country music sensation, Levi Weston (played by Jordi Webber).

In the remaining episodes of the season, we have the team being accustomed to the sixth Ranger, Brody finding his brother Aiden, hijinks from Victory and Monty, Madame Odius’s foiled plan, and so much more to look forward to–including uncovering the unknown role played by Nick Beckwith.

Recently, in a news write up with Otago Daily Times, Nick revealed that he filmed his episodes in November and December (hinting at a reoccurring role) and that he could expect fans to see his episodes starting in August.

Furthermore, in the second season, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, fans can look forward to cameos from previous cast members of the franchise making an appearance to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show.