Emma Morgana Carr Takes Over “RedBot” Suit Actor Role

Source: The Human Agency


Back in December, Emma Carr was revealed to have been cast in Power Rangers Ninja Steel in a reoccurring role. At the time of her Facebook post announcing her involvement, no one knew what her reocccurring  character would entail. She had started production on the show since November 28th and describes herself as an actor/stuntman on the show.

Since then, we’ve gotten word of what her role is in a January Facebook post of hers (in regards to a clip introducing Brody and RedBot):

This is a few episodes before I took over the role. But you get the idea. So happy to be part of the PR team #redbot#gogopoweramgers

Emma has taken over the role of RedBot’s stunt actor. Since Ninja Steel started production, many people have been involved with RedBot’s character.

First, was Karl Thiart. Thiart had created the concept art for Brody’s robotic friend. Second was the discovery that Eric Beltran had been cast in the show as the suit actor for RedBot–which was actually done by Kohji Mimura in the first episode “Return of the Prism). Third was the voice actor for RedBot: Byron Coll–he has had previous experience using his voice for Power Rangers as he was the voice of “Desolar” in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Now, Carr is the fourth person to help bring this character to life.

There is no word on which episode will be the debut of Carr’s work as RedBot, nor is there word on whether or not she has any other involvement in the show.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is currently on hiatus and will return to US television screens in the fall.

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