Jordi Webber cast as “Levi Weston, Gold Ranger”

The eighth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, “Gold Rush” just finished airing revealing the Gold Ranger’s identity: Levi Weston.

While fans initially thought that the gold ranger would be Aiden Romero, Brody’s missing brother, it was found out to be Levi. Levi is a world famous country music star, who used Brody as his personal bodyguard when he was doing a meet and greet in Summer Cove and is played by New Zealand based actor, Jordi Webber.

Jordi was first spotted in a filming photo while the second season of Ninja Steel was being filmed in Albert Park:

Morphin Legacy  was the first to report the possibility of Jordi being the Gold Ranger after finding clues and this now deleted instagram image:

Shortly after that, he was spotted in another filming photo on the beach, sporting the Gold Ranger’s signature cowboy hat by Rangerboard user GreenBeastFist:

You can find Jordi on Twitter, Facebook, and check out his resume.

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