Ninja Steel Character Bios

Thanks to the official Power Rangers Facebook Page, in the days leading up to the premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, we have the biographies of the new Rangers.

Hayley Foster, the White Ranger

Hayley is an adventurous, outdoorsy girl with a love of nature and healthy living.

Preston Tien, The Blue Ranger

Preston is kind-hearted and loyal to his friends. He comes from a wealthy family, and is obsessed with magic.

Sarah Thompson, The Pink Ranger

Sarah is the brains of the team and an adrenaline junkie. She intends to be a great engineer and is the person who designs gadgets whenever the Power Rangers need them!

Calvin maxwell, the yellow ranger

Calvin is a cool and confident gear-head who loves building anything mechanical – especially vehicles. He’s also rather lackadaisical, at times too much for his own good!

Brody Romero, The Red Ranger

Brody is an exuberant, youthful, positive 18-year-old. Used to being on his own, he can be headstrong and a little impulsive, but with the help of his new friends, soon settles into his role as leader of the Ninja Steel Power Rangers!