Past Rangers to Appear in Ninja Steel?

Source: The Modesto Bee

Recently, William Shewfelt, who plays the Red Ranger, Brody Romero , in Power Rangers Ninja Steel returned to his roots in Modesto to take part in school visitations.

While promoting a “you can do it too” message to the students of his old schools, as well as signing autographs for those who requested it, he also took the time to promote the newest season airing January 21st, 2017 on Nickelodeon. Shewfelt and his fellow cast mates will return to New Zealand on January 15th to start production of season two; currently known as Super Ninja Steel.

With the second season holding the honor of being the 25th season of the franchise, many wonder how this milestone will be celebrated. This season surprised fans with the appearance of Kelson Henderson’s return to the show as a mechanic who has the ability to turn into inanimate objects as the initial preview clip showed.

Maybe there’s more to be surprised in the future as Shewfelt was cited saying:

On Jan. 15, he returns to New Zealand to shoot the second half of the Ninja Steel story arc through May. That will be the show’s 25th anniversary, airing in 2018 with guest appearances of the most popular past Rangers

We have seen Peter Sudarso, who plays the Blue Ranger, Preston Thien, meeting with previous Rangers from the past including: Kelson Henderson (SPD, Boom), Nic Sampson (Chip, Mystic Force, Yellow Ranger), Jarred Blakiston (Prince Phillip, Dino Charge, Graphite Ranger), Milo Cawthorne (Ziggy, RPM, Green Ranger), and was even spotted in Auckland with his own brother, Yoshi Sudarso (Koda, Dino Charge, Blue Ranger).

Were those instances foreshadowing a future appearance or just chance encounters? Apart from Kelson, none of the other actors are confirmed to be appearing in the series. Yoshi, however, has appeared in a small role in an episode of Ninninger which Ninja Steel is based off of. In that role, he was a civilian caught up in a monster appearance and was saved by the Blue Ranger.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is sure to have more surprises in store as the show kicks off.

Galvanax, the evil champion of the intergalactic game show, Galaxy Warriors, is sending his best warrior contestants to Earth to steal the mythical Ninja Power Stars made of ninja steel so he can rule the universe!

To stop him and his warriors, a new team of five heroic teens has formed. With teamwork and great strength, the NINJA STEEL POWER RANGERS: Brody (Red), Preston (Blue), Hayley (White), Calvin (Yellow), and Sarah (Pink) unite to eliminate the threat using new Ninja Powers, powerful weapons, and awesome Megazords made from legendary ninja steel. Together, the Power Rangers fight an epic battle to save the galaxy from destruction!

Watch the official trailer here: