Ninja Steel: What We Know So Far
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We’re about two weeks out from the premier of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. The past couple of years around this time we had learned a somewhat decent amount about the show and the characters before it premiered. For example, the toys gave us backgrounds for the characters, however at this point for this season, we do not know much going in to the start of the series.

This is what we know so far:

1. Premier Date

This iteration of Power Rangers premiers Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at 12 ET on Nickelodeon

2. The Summary

Official Summary:

With the franchise’s 24th season, Saban Brands’ Power Rangers Ninja Steel starts deep in space, where Galvanax is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe in which monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior. Galvanax is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Ninja Nexus Prism, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Stars. The only thing standing in his way is a new team of heroic teenage Power Rangers who possess it. The evil Galvanax sends his warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Ninja Power Stars, where each epic battle against the Power Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe. Together, the Rangers must master their arsenal of Ninja Power Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary Ninja Steel, in order to stop this evil threat and save Earth from destruction

Summary from’s Ninja Steel page:

Galvanax, the evil champion of the intergalactic game show, Galaxy Warriors, is sending his best warrior contestants to Earth to steal the mythical Ninja Power Stars made of ninja steel so he can rule the universe!

To stop him and his warriors, a new team of five heroic teens has formed. With teamwork and great strength, the NINJA STEEL POWER RANGERS: Brody (Red), Preston (Blue), Hayley (White), Calvin (Yellow), and Sarah (Pink) unite to eliminate the threat using new Ninja Powers, powerful weapons, and awesome Megazords made from legendary ninja steel. Together, the Power Rangers fight an epic battle to save the galaxy from destruction!

Official trailer:

3. Premier Episodes

Thanks to nickandmore, we know the titles and summaries of the first two episodes premiering in January. Much like Power Rangers Dino Charge, it sounds like these two episodes are a “part one” and “part two” of sorts.

“Return of the Prism”  – A young teen named Brody escapes to Earth from an alien spaceship with a special artifact called the Ninja Nexus Prism. He and two new friends must unlock its secrets to defend it from the villainous champion Galvanax.

“Forged in Steel” – As Brody, Preston and Sarah return to Brody’s childhood home in an attempt to find his lost family, Hayley and Calvin come across a strange alien named Mick.

First clip from the premier episode:

4. The Cast

August of 2016 continued the tradition of revealing the new cast for the next iteration of the Power Rangers franchise.  Starting with PMC 3 (held in 2012), the tradition of the reveal of the new cast was started with the panel to meet and ask questions directed to the cast of Power Rangers Samurai. Unbeknownst to the attendees of the panel, this was also the panel where the Power Rangers Megaforce cast was revealed.

This continued on where the Megaforce cast “passed the torch” onto the Dino Charge cast in 2014 at PMC 4, and in 2016 at PMC 5, with the memorable moment of Yoshi Sudarso announcing his brother, Peter Sudarso, as the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the Ninja Steel Cast was revealed.

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The cast is as follows (surnames provided by

  • Red Ranger: Will Shewfelt as Brody Romero
  • Blue Ranger:  Peter Sudarso as Preston Thien
  • Yellow Ranger: Nico Greetham as Calvin Maxwell
  • Pink Ranger: Chrystiane Lopes as Sarah Thompson
  • White Ranger: Zoe Robins as Hayley Roster

After the reveal of the Ninja Steel cast at Power Morphicon, news started trickling in of other actors who received presumably centric roles on the new season. This includes Caleb Bendit and Chris Reid. They are playing the “Victor” and “Monty” comedic roles that were evident in the Ninja Steel casting sides. Nick Beckwith also announced his addition to the show on social media, but what his role in the season is, is unknown as well.

As filming went underway, more roles were revealed to shape the season. Some of the more prominent roles include:

With Ninja Steel’s second season being the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers as a whole, there is a possibility (and fan hope) that past cast members of the show will make an appearance in some way, shape, or form.

5. The Setting

The Ninja Steel casting sides revealed that the new season was going “back to school.” While casting sides can give information that could be changed later on (fans believe Uncle Zhane was changed to the character of Master Dane), this is one detail that has been kept.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel takes place in the fiction city of Summer Cover with the main characters, and Principal Hastings, attending Summer Cove High School as evident of the filming photo that surfaced online.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel will also take place in space on the set of the game show, Galaxy Warriors. Galvanax, Ripcon, and the other monsters seen in the show will be centered there.

6. The Characters (Rangers and Monsters)

As mentioned above, the five Rangers names are “Brody”, “Preston”, “Sarah”, “Calvin”, and “Hayley.” In the past, the release of the 5″ action figures would be accompanied with a short bio on the characters that would soon premier on Nickelodeon. The Ninja Steel toys are the exception. However, due to some news that has been released, we have ideas of some of the characters.

  • Brody: Is either an alien or had been kidnapped as a child from his home in Summer Cove and has been living and working on Galvanax’s space ship ever since. His catchphrase possibly will be “This is epic” (much like Tyler’s “Awesome” in Dino Charge) as evident in the “Ultimate Hero Clash 2” game, and the official Ninja Steel trailer. His father has been missing (or passed away) 10 years ago, and he has a missing brother, Aiden.
  • Preston: Is rumored to be a magician. Not only has Preston’s actor, Peter, mention it himself, but in the Ultimate Hero Clash 2 game, before his character moves he says “Time for a little magic.”
  • Sarah is rumored to have a mechanics background due to the Ninja Steel casting sides, and one of the locations used for filming indicates needing extras for a workshop/mechanics scene.

The characters of Hayley and Calvin have not had any details arise towards their characters.

Hayley is played by New Zealand actress Zoe Robbins and is rumored to keep her accent for the character much like James Davies did in Dino Charge for the character of Chase Randall as part of the list of guidelines Power Rangers Productions follows in order to gain a filming grant from New Zealand.

Some of these guidelines includes: mentioning New Zealand, showcasing New Zealand locations, hiring kiwi interns to work in the writing and directing departments, and presumably hiring a kiwi actor in a main Ranger role. You can read more about the guidelines of the film grant here and here (start on page 10).

Through the release of the Ninja Steel toys (first revealed through Power Rangers NOW) we were given the names of the first initial villains of the new season. Apart from Galvanax, they are, the Bashers, Ripcon, Ripperat, Cat O’Clock, and Stondedozer. Through the game Ultimate Hero Clash 2, we were introduced to the Bashers’ second form, and a new villain.

Through the game, the Bashers have a second form called the Kudabots. Both forms look like this:

with the Kudabots having been spotted on set at Aotea Square during filming of the the 24th season. The newest villain revealed from the game will be known as Skullgators.

7. Filming Locations

With Power Rangers Ninja Steel filming it’s first and second seasons in New Zealand, much like the previous seasons since Ninja Storm have been, many filming locations have been the same over the years. This includes locations like

This season has had filming occur in some new locations that will be seen throughout the season. A couple of these locations include:

8. 25th Anniversary

The second season of Ninja Steel (at this moment, being named Super Ninja Steel),  occurs during the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Many fans wonder how this milestone will be celebrated. Kelson Henderson returned to the show in a role as a mechanic (whose character name is unknown) and friend of Brody Romero. Romero, played by William Shewfelt, was cited stating to The Modesto Bee:

On Jan. 15, he returns to New Zealand to shoot the second half of the Ninja Steel story arc through May. That will be the show’s 25th anniversary, airing in 2018 with guest appearances of the most popular past Rangers