Kelson Henderson Returns to Power Rangers

Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres January 21, 2017 and thanks to the first preview clip available on, we not only got to see William Shewfelt as Brody, but we found that a Power Rangers alum, Kelson Henderson, has returned to the series.

In Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Henderson plays the role of a mechanic on the ship that Brody origintates from at the started of the series named Mick.

Henderson is a fan favorite having played not only Boom in Power Rangers SPD, but also Phineas in Power Rangers Mystic Force, Norg and Mig in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (Mig was also seen in the first trailer for the 24th season), Flit in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Sat-Bot in Power Rangers RPM, Psychotick in Power Rangers Megaforce, and Cavity in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

You can see him in the first clip from Ninja Steel, here.