Kudabots Spotted On Set

With the initial wave of Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys arriving in stores, we got various names of the monsters and foot soldiers we would be seeing in the upcoming season.

Through Power Rangers NOW, we found out that the foot soldiers of the 24th season are going to be called Bashers:

(Pic via the Power Rangers wiki)

From the new Nick.com game “Ultimate Hero Clash 2” (in which you can fight in a vs match between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Ranger), we learned the name of the second form of these foot soldiers: Kudabots


(Screen shot of the Nick.com game)

Since Ninja Steel started filming in New Zealand on September 25th. The Kudabots have been seen various times on set during rehearsals and filming as they’ve fought against the Power Rangers. You can see these images below: