Power Rangers Movie to Feature Classic “Go Go Power Rangers” Theme

Update: Images/quotes removed at the request of Ms. Newton

Just the other day we learned that the Power Rangers Movie soundtrack was being recorded at Abbey Road Studios by members of the Philharmonia; one of London’s most renowned orchestras. We heard the familiar six note chord in the Power Rangers teaser trailer. Was that a snippet of what we could hear in the movie or just created for the trailer itself?

Today, member Claire Newton took to instagram to express her excitement over recording the classic “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song. The previous orchestral version of the theme song can be heard in the 1995 Power Rangers movie. In all, it took three days to record the orchestra for the film.

Claire also tweeted a picture of the cover of the whole Power Rangers score for the viola

Other members of the Philharmonia orchestra, took to twitter to post about their time recording in Abbey Road Studios. @VictoriaIrish1 tweeted that at this moment, recording for the film has wrapped