Power Rangers Movie Funko Pop Design

Update: 12/29/16

These funko pop designs have turned out to be true. Instagram user caleb_zube88 took to the social media platform to share their find of the new Red Ranger Power Rangers Movie funko pop. You can collect the 5 Rangers and Rita Repulsa figures based on the new movie premiering March 24, 2017.

The movie funko pops officially go on sale at GameStop January 1st, 2017 via @trekkieb47




Source: Funko Pop’s UK

After the success of the Power Rangers Funk Pop figures, and the most recently revealed Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Red Ranger, there looks to be an image floating around of new Power Rangers figures coming.

Recently published to Funko Pop’s UK Facebook page (on December 3rd to be exact) is a sneak peek of figures based off of the upcoming Power Rangers Movie.

Sneak peek of the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers Movie Pop’s! #PowerRangers #PowerRangersMovie #Funko #FunkoPop #FunkoPopsUK

There is no word on if these Funko Pops could be available in the future or if they’re even being created.

Just recently revealed was the concept design of Alpha 5 you’ll find in the upcoming movie. Soon, a Walmart exclusive Alpha 5 television series Funko Pop will be released.  Will we see a future Funko POP figure of the movie Alpha 5 design or any design based around the 2017 movie?
RangerNation.com revealed the 5″ figure (as well as a FX Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger Mask, and 5″ movie Ranger figures) coming soon to retailers.
The Power Rangers Movie is released in theaters, March 24th, 2017.