Scrapped Rita Concept Art for Power Rangers Movie by Matt Frank

Source: Comic Book Resources

After the movie design for Alpha 5 was revealed, there is some new concept art released to the internet of the evil space witch, Rita Repulsa.

Concept Art for the Power Rangers Movie from artists such as Greg Semkow and Alex Ruiz of the T-Rex Zord, Alpha, Zordon, and Rita have been floating around the internet, along with concept art for the movie logo for a little over a year.

Now, here’s some new Rita concept art by artist, Matt Frank, that was scrapped. While the proposed directors for Semkow and Ruiz’s concept art has not been named, Frank explained that his art was for script writer, Max Landis.

Landis (who wrote the movie, Chronicle) originally worked on the initial script for the Power Rangers Movie. Over time the script has changed and now John Gatins will be credited with the screenplay  with the story going through treatments by Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless, and Michele Mulroney & Kieran Mulroney. Zack Stentz & Ashley Miller also worked on the movie script.

Frank explained his Rita design on Facebook (and tumblr), which he drew back in 2013:

Max Landis approached me back in 2013 to do some concept art for #PowerRangers when he was doing a script treatment. I had other obligations at the time and could only do a quick Rita, so I pulled from his concept of the “ancient evil” and made a kind of “Xeno-Rita” – enjoy!

With the design reveal of Rita Repulsa played by Elizabeth Banks, it’s evident that the movie could have moved in an entirely different direction.

Rita Concept Art by Greg Semkow:


Rita Concept Art by Matt Frank:


Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa: