Alpha 5 Movie Design Revealed

Source: IGN

IGN revealed today, through their snpachat, the look for Alpha 5 in the upcoming Power Rangers Movie, set to be released March 24, 2017. It was announced that Bill Hader will voice Alpha 5 in the movie. Note that this has been labeled per IGN as concept art, and parts of Alpha could appear different in the movie upon it’s release.

According to IGN

The new version of Zordon and the Power Rangers robot assistant, Alpha 5 has a more modern and organic look that uses darker hues of the familiar red and blue colors of the original design.

Jason Bischoff, Director of Global Consumer Products for Power Rangers and Saban Brands describes Alpha as:

BANANAS charming, funny & the heart of the team (Source)

Power Rangers Alpha 5 First Look Concept Art


Power Rangers Alpha 5 - First Look Concept Art