Ninja Steel Behind the Scenes

Updated: 8/17/17;  GCM, Auckland Actors, KR Actors, Odd Talent Management, Lion Rock Management, Johnson & Laird

Odd Talent Management

Great Talent Agency

  • Isadora Pontes as “Mary

Lion Rock Management

The Human Agency

  • Eric Beltran as “RedBot

Auckland Actors

  • Mike Edward – Master Dane
  • Morgan Bradley as “Car Mom
  • Andi Crown as the voice of “Data Com
  • Ian Hughes as “Slogre” and “Hack Track”
  • Pierre Beasley as “Chaz
  • Yvette Parsons as the voice of “Toxitea
  • Kate Elliott as “Simone Swift
    • Previously worked on Power Rangers as the voice of Dayu in Power Rangers (Super) Samurai
  • Ross Anderson as “Captain Shaw
  • Paul Glover as “Mr. Willoughby
  • Roz Turnball as “Judge
  • Chelsea McEwan Millar as the voice of “Cleocatra
    • Previously worked on Power Rangers as the voice of “Fiera” in Power Rangers Super Samurai
  • Lori Dungey as “Mrs. Bell
  • Joseph Wycoff as voice of “Drillion
  • Jodie Rimmer as “Avery

Gail Cowan Management

  • Stanley Andrew Jackson III as “Tom
  • Taylor Barrett as “Ace
  • Duane Evas Jr as “Billy
  • Mikaela Ruegg as “Sandy
  • Andrea Kelland as “Mick’s Mum
  • Becky McEwan as “Jess” / “Spyclops
  • Lily Powell as “Lori
  • Xana Tang as “Emma Harris” (Major recurring role)

Ryan Talent

  • Craig Hubert as “Protestor
  • Anastasia Styles worked on Ninja Steel as an Extra 2x

BOP Actors

Johnson & Laird

Robert Bruce Talent Agency

KR Actors

EMS Actors