Youssef Guezoum to Compose for Ninja Steel

Source: Youssef Guezom

UPDATE: Youssef is not only composing musical cues for Power Rangers Ninja Steel, but he’s also working alongside Noam Kaniel to compose the whole series.

Over the years, fans have been  with Noam Kaniel’s work on the Power Rangers franchise. Ever since Saban Brands bought the rights back to the Power Rangers, Noam Kaniel has composed on every season of, what the Ranger fans call, the “Neo-Saban Era”.

Some of his music can even be recognized in other properties such as Saban Brands’ Glitter Force and Digimon Fusion and has been “recycled” into the newest season, Dino Charge. (For example, the music played during Mia and Emily’s shopping montage in Power Rangers Samurai’s episode, “Strange Case of the Munchies”, can be heard in the background of the party in the Dino Charge episode, “The Ghostest With the Mostest.”

Ninja Steel could be the first season from Saban Brands that has all new music with the help of composer, Youssef Guezom. Guezom is a Los Angeles based film composer and announced his involvement with the show on his website stating alongside the announcement of Ninja Steel as a whole:

Youssef  will write some cues for this amazing Tv Show  2017.

You can hear some of his works on his youtube channel.

Official Website: