A Few Details for Power Rangers 2017 Movie Revealed

Putting it under the “read more” tag so if you don’t want to know parts of the movie ahead of time, you don’t have to read it.

Source: Interview with the movie’s media coordinator Ernie Malik with Radio NL News’s, Jim Harrison show). Here’s some takeaways from the interview, but you can listen to it all here.

-So far, the movie right now is just called “Power Rangers”

-Rangers meet in the early minutes of the filming and are drawn together but “they don’t know why”

-They find out when they go to coal mine, they fall into a lake, they swim underneath the lake to a cavern and “boom, the rest takes place from there.”

-They find out why they’re all called together once they get out of the lake and into the underground cavern

-Downtown Kamloops is the setting for the big 3rd act of the movie
-A lot of the action shots are aerial – use of the drone
-A car will be rolled down the street
-These scenes will be enhanced with CG
-“Creatures” will be edited in

The Power Rangers movie is filming in Kamloops from April 13-16, and 17-19th. Follow the #PowerRangersMovie hashtag on twitter to keep up will all the news. For production pictures, locations, and more check out the post: MMPR 2017 Movie Production Pictures